2020 Q2:

Conceptualization of XcelSwap and Team Building

2020 Q3:

Initiated Development
Developed Swap, Stake, Farm, Pool

2021 Q3:

XcelSwap Development Complete
Created XcelDefi (XLD) Token and Smart Contract Deployed
Tested financial and business model
Launch XcelSwap
Launch XcelDefi on BSC Network
Token Terms & Conditions by Hacken or Certik (we need to confirm the Terms & Conditions company and use the final name here)
XLD listed on Pancakeswap, XcelSwap and other DEX & trading platforms

2021 Q4 – 2022 Q1

Cross-chain bridge between ERC20, BEP20, Polygon and HECKO
Initiate Lending, Borrowing and Lottery features in XcelSwap
Initiate community Voting System regarding XcelSwap Future
List in additional major exchanges

2022 Q2- 2022 Q4:

Initiate NFT Marketplace Development
XcelSwap Vault
Initiate the Credit Rating System (based on activities on our ecosystem)
Initiate Development of XcelGames (poker, roulette, battle) and XcelGaming
Develop API

By 2025

Establish itself as one of the leading Decentralized Financial Marketplace.
Capture majority share of Financial Market including traditional financial market