Features of XcelSwap :

XcelSwap would be built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and would offer premium DeFi features such as:

Low trading fees:XcelSwap's platform has very low transaction fees, usually as low as $0.2.

Sweepstake:On Xcelswap, users can participate in prediction games and lotteries and win millions.

Yield Farming: On XcelSwap, users would have access to three pools designed to help them earn high rewards for providing liquidity on the DEX platform.

Staking: XcelSwap users have several options for staking their assets. The first option is to invest in $XCEL and earn a percentage of the platform fees charged by XcelSwap. Another option is for them to store their token in a vault. Investing in a vault will provide XcelSwap users with a higher yield, but this option comes with a higher risk due to the volatile nature of vaults.

Multi-chain Swap(coming soon):XcelSwap intends to enable multichain swapping on their platform in the near future by integrating SOLANA, FTM, and POLYGON blockchains, among others.