Xcelswap is the decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain. It follows the automated market making protocol that means there are no order books, bid/ask system or limit/market orders. Instead, users trading on the platform automatically draw liquidity from one or more liquidity pools, which then rebalance after the trade is complete.

How much is the trading fee??How is it distributed?? - Trading fee is 0.25% per trade.Out of 0.25% , 0.1875% will be divided among liquidity providers and 0.0625% will be added to the treasury which will be used for token buy back and burn.

XcelDefi is the native token of the XcelLab ecosystem. It serves various purposes on XcelLab projects.
The main purpose of Xceldefi are:
1. Governance of Xcelswap
2. Payment on Xceltrip
3. Utility token for XcelPay wallet
For more info : visit www.xceldefi.com

Liquidity is the measure of how easily you can convert an asset into another asset. A high liquidity means you can easily buy or sell the required coin/token.

Swap is the process of exchanging one asset for another asset directly without the hassle of order books. It is another form of trading.

Farms are the places where you can stake your LP tokens to earn another token. Yield farming protocols incentivize with high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency to the liquidity providers (LP) for staking or locking up their crypto assets in a smart contract-based liquidity pool.

Staking is the process of locking up the crypto asset in the smart contract based staking pools to get high returns in form of same/different cryptocurrencies.

Staking is the method of locking up the Crypto asset in the staking pools while farming is the method of locking up the LP tokens in the farms.

You can contact XcelSwap through different medium :
1. You can mail at contact@xcelswap.com
2. Send a ticket from support.xcellab.com

An automated market maker (AMM) is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on a mathematical formula to price assets. Instead of using an order book like a traditional exchange, assets are priced according to a bonding curve algorithm.

Every non custodial wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain can be connected to XcelSwap.
The preferred wallets are
1) XcelPay Wallet
2)Metamask Wallet
3)Trust Wallet